VoIP as another Way of Communication


Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP has more advantage than you can ever imagine. Not only does it decrease your phone call rates, it is very cheap and very accessible because it makes full use of the internet. And since almost everyone has internet access, everyone can use VoIP. With the use of VoIP, anyone can call everyone anywhere at any time. As a matter of fact, anyone who has internet access already have VoIP in them. If you are familiar with instant messaging applications like Yahoo! Messenger and Skype, they also have VoIP within the application. This is why you can talk to the person you are chatting with in real time.

The growth of the use of VoIP or voice over internet protocol is one the reasons why telecommunications company have lowered their rates when it comes to overseas calls. With the use of the internet as well as VoIP as the primary method of communication among most of the people including businesses, industries, schools and universities, telecommunication companies have grabbed the chances to make the most out of VoIP. This is why there are limitations to the use of VoIP. And with a little fee, you can enjoy more features on your VoIP. But still, it beats out international calls that charge higher rates than VoIP.

Generally, VoIP has the same features than the normal phone. And the only difference is that it is connected to the internet and that you can call anyone from different parts of the world. The service that VoIP offer is unlimited. You can do business with anyone across the globe. VoIP allows your customers to talk to you even if that customer is from London and you are from Los Angeles. And you only pay for the features you are using. If you are not using any, then you will not be paying any cent. That is the beauty of VoIP.


There are different VoIP companies such as globex telecom and call centric charge you at one time while others charge you on a monthly basis. Some charge you nothing for the services they give you or by simply using their VoIP phone; they give their service to you for free. Large companies are acquiring VoIP since they can save a lot of money if they use VoIP. Even small time online businesses can benefit from VoIP.

But for those who want to stay inside the comfort of their home and transact business, VoIP is nothing but a total advantage. They can earn money through VoIP without even leaving their homes. This is why telecommunications company are on the verge of lowering the rates they charge to their customers. It is because VoIP easily wins if they even try to fight against it. VoIP has everything. Easy accessibility, rates that come off as almost free, convenience, availability are just some of the things VoIP can offer to us. All you need is your personal computer, internet access, speakers, a microphone, and if you have one a webcam for you to personally talk to someone. And you have yourself a full VoIP kit.

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